Christina Yavorchuk
An article about childfree. The series of illustrations for Discours Magazine
“The Church needs to rethink the way she talks about sexuality” Illustration for Magazyn Kontakt

"Mój Boże, jak ja chcę Zmartwychwstania" Illustration for Magazyn Kontakt

Leszków nie pozdrawiam. Pamiętniki wsi wobec transformacji ustrojowej 1989 roku Illustration for Mały Format

Personal works Still life + Still here still life

Daughter, sister, girl – Laura Jane Grace's autobiography illustrations for Szajn Magazine

Illustrations about Thai literature for Discours Magazine

The short story “Student” by Anton Czechow
The cover of the new issue for Magazine Mały Format

Democracy and experiment in the poetry of Olga Zondberg for Discours Magazine
The series of illustrations for contemporary short story for Discours Magazine
How Do Currency Exchange Rates Work. An article about currency Illustration for Discours Magazine

Personal project "Futurum Folklore"

An article about plastic recycling for Discours Magazine

Polska piecza – zacznij tutaj! An article about foster care Illustration for Magazyn Kontakt

5 reasons why you should read Knut Hamsun. The series of illustrations for Discours Magazine
An article about social classes Magazyn Kontakt
Cover illustration for Magazyn Kontakt
Czas dla Stworzenia illustration for
Magazyn Kontakt

Why do we love evil people when they are businessmen illustration for Magazyn Kontakt

Stadiums full of non-women illustrations for Magazyn Kontakt
Illustration for Tlen Literacki
Illustrations for short story for Matvey Budyakov
Walden by Henry David Thoreau Book Cover Illustration
The Advertising Campaign Against Children's Hunger
Thanks to the Bright Illustration Agency
Hi! My name is Christina Yavorchuk and I'm a self-taught Illustrator and designer.
Welcome to my portfolio!
Feel free to Contact me!
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